We comply with International Standards:

Unmatched product quality is our claim to fame. To achieve this and provide it consistently we make sure that every product undergoes various quality control checks. Our full-fledged testing facility to inspect incoming raw materials as well as finished products thoroughly to comply with all the requisite quality norms and standards.

Quality Chain

BlueLadder EPC Solutions follows good manufacturing, laboratory and documentation practices that ensure consistent high quality results. Our state-of-the-art analytical facilities monitor and maintain strict quality of our products, processes and services, consistently meeting national and international quality standards.

BlueLadder EPC quality chain covers three key functional areas:

Quality Control (QC) is responsible for all analyses undertaken at BlueLadder. From analytical support during product development and validations to training BlueLadder customers, QC is supported by a highly qualified team of professionals.

Quality Assurance (QA) is responsible for implementation of quality systems and release of all manufactured products. It develops and ensures harmonisation of all systems throughout the organisation. It is also responsible for all audits including regulatory (national and international)

Regulatory Affairs ensures compliance with national and international regulatory requirements.

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