Pre Engineered Steel Structure:

Pre-Engineered Steel Building is a steel structure uses a structural concept of primary members, secondary members, and the cover sheeting connected to each other. The structural members are custom designed to be high in strength yet lighter in weight. It can be fitted with different structural additions like mezzanine floors, trusses, fascia, crane systems and canopies as per user requirements. The pre-engineered steel building system in itself offers great advantages to the customer as a more practical, feasible, and an efficient alternative to conventional buildings. The System has earned acceptance across the globe and is gaining rapid ground in India as well.

As an innovative PEB manufacturer, BlueLadder EPC provides the complete service of engineering and fabrication thus ensuring better quality control at every stage of the process.

PEB Schema Details

Smart & Green Buildings:

We take pride to be able to contribute towards the environment. We optimize our energy efficiency, provide environmentally improved spaces and reduce waste generation in comparison with conventional structures. The design and construction material used in the steel buildings eliminate the undesirable negative impact on the environment and occupants.

BlueLadder EPC Solutions provide 100% Steel Buildings which is recyclable

The buildings are conceptualized, engineered and designed according to local climate and available resources, incorporating everything beneficially for the design of the building.

Use of electricity is reduced by using natural ventilation system for air changes and keeping the temperature in control and hence providing healthy and comfortable environment indoors.

Insulation and use of reflective roof and wall systems with Galvalume steel coat providing thermal insulation by minimizing the heat transfer.

Storage Solutions:

Storage Solutions help in providing effective storage to customers through maximum storage capacity with optimal floor utilization. We design & supply steel racking systems to store materials as part of warehouse material handling storage system. These racking systems, with or without pallets are an essential and global element in most modern manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail centers, and other storage and distribution facilities.

  • Silos & Granary
  • Water Storage Tanks


Engineering & Technical Advisory Services:

BlueLadder provides extensive technical advisory services to its clients – from selection of appropriate structures for the industry specific use and economic design to adaptation of local building codes. Our Technical Service representatives regularly monitor and supervise the project till completion to ensure excellent quality and customer satisfaction.

Erection Services:

We have certified builders all across India. These builders have undergone an intensive training on erecting buildings for different applications and of varying complexity. Our Builders are highly competent and offer skilled expertise to clients. The local builder certified by BlueLadder offers comprehensive services from construction to complete turnkey solutions.

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